They identify the bus by their color or face the driver, because they cannot understand the words that show the route and destination. Like millions of people around the world, cannot read or write, but have their own coping strategies and how they can defend themselves.
In the series of Social Entrepreneurship, hosted by TV and DW Schwab Foundation, presents the work of the Colombian Social Entrepreneur Q. Javier Gonzalez, who has dedicated his life to helping the illiterate. And it does so through a game.2007.


First Aid for the Brain

Description of the four tool-games that make up the Educational Complex “First Aid for the Brain" 2003.


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Guides on the utilization of Javier Gonzalez’s tool-games, using the system of Polimedia developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This multimedia will allow the self-training of trainers in the Project IBERTEL on Universal Literacy, 2006.


Successful Educational Experiences

Program developed by the Promigas Foundation and Barranquilla´s Department of Education, Colombia. This program was selected by Inravision (national TV) and the Ministry of Education of Colombia to be publicized as a Successful Educational Experience. Colombia, 2002.


Cartagena: City School

Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Mayor of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.1997.


Agenda CM&

ournalist Angela Maria Acosta interviews Javier Gonzalez, who presented his tool-game "abcdespañol", game use to learn to read and write. The Colombian teacher has helped thousands of children, youth and adults in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve literacy with this simple method 1999.


CNN en Español

Dario Tonelli interviews Javier González Quintero a Social Entrepreneur of Ashoka, 2004.


Seeing is believing

Literacy project with people living in condition of displacement in the municipality of Santo Tomás, Atlántico- Colombia. CITIGROUP funded this project as support to the work of social entrepreneurs from Ashoka.2007.


Univision Tomorrow

Eliezer Ramos interviews Javier Gonzalez, as he launches his math literacy project: “Master Mathematics” in Puerto Rico, 2003.


Mayas Guatemala

Field work with the indigenous Mayan groups. Guatemala, 1993.


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